Historical Restorations

Repair of historically significant structures requires exceptional sensitivity and attention to detail. MI Engineering professionals can find a balance between the structural requirements and the historical character of these bridges. Example projects highlighting recent staff experience are shown below.

Strengthening of Bridge #198 (Person County, NC)

In 2001 MI Engineering staff working for Ko & Associates devised plans for the restoration of a historic iron truss bridge. The Old Red Bridge, originally built to carry vehicular traffic over Spring Creek, was later converted for pedestrian use.

A detailed on-site evaluation was conducted. Recommended repairs included replacement of bearings and anchor bolts, repair or replacement of several truss members and connections, and replacement of the timber decking and metal handrails. The truss members also received a new coat of signature red paint. The cost for the restoration was approximately $270,000.

The restored bridge now provides safe and convenient pedestrian access to downtown Hot Springs from the bed and breakfast on the other side of the creek. And part of the town’s history has been preserved for future generations.

West Virginia Covered Bridges (Greenbrier County and Monroe County, WV)

While working at Ko & Associates, MI Engineering staff had the opportunity to work with the West Virginia Department of Transportation to conduct a condition inspection and create repair plans for two historic covered bridges. This contract was part of West Virginia's plan to preserve all of its remaining covered bridges statewide.

The bridge at Hoke's Mill was originally built between 1897 and 1899 for about $700. It is a modified Long truss spanning 81 feet with a width of 12 feet.

The repairs were completed in 2002 for approximately $400,000 and the bridge was opened for pedestrian use. Repairs included replacing transverse floor beams with steel beams and installing longitudinal W sections for additional support.

The bridge across Indian creek was originally built in 1903 by Ray & Oscar Weikel for around $400. The structure is a Long truss with a span of 49 feet and a width of 12 feet. The bridge carried traffic continuously for 30 years before it was abandoned in the 1920's. It was partially restored by the Monroe County Historical Society in 1965.

Recommended repairs were completed in 2000 for approximately $335,000 and the bridge was re-opened for pedestrian use. Renovations included timber roof trusses, a new glue-laminated timber deck, new wooden exterior siding and a new roof of split shakes.

Historical Bridge Restoration Services

  • On-site Evaluation and Condition Assessment
  • Contract Documents and Engineers Estimates
  • Project Management