Construction Engineering Services

MI Engineering personnel are prepared to apply our decades of bridge design experience to construction engineering tasks, regardless of size or scope. We value our personal relationship with our contractor clients.

R-2635 - Western Wake Freeway (Wake County, NC)

In November 2009, MI Engineering was contracted by Raleigh-Durham Roadbuilders to design temporary trestle bridges for five sites on the Western Wake Expressway project (540 Extension). We checked pre-designed steel beam superstructure units for various construction loads, including large capacity cranes. We also designed steel frame piers supported by H-piles.

Bridge Overhang Falsework Supports

While at Ko & Associates, PC our engineers worked for contractors on several local projects to develop plans and calculations for bridge overhang formwork support systems. The NCDOT requires that designs for such systems employed over live traffic must be sealed by a registered professional engineer.

Our experience includes projects with heavy skews, very large screeds, tapering overhang widths, and variable depth steel beams. We have developed designs for steel plate girders and prestressed girders, including wide flange bulb tees. Designs have utilized standard overhang brackets of all sizes and suspended cantilevered supports (needle beams).

Steel Girder Erection Plans

Our engineers have also worked with contractors to verify hoisting and erection procedures for curved steel plate girders. We can analyze curved and straight steel plate girders for stress and stability during placement.

When erection procedures require temporary shoring of the girders, we have also developed plans specifying the locations, and structural properties, and foundation requirements for the supports.

Miscellaneous Formwork, Shoring, and Temporary Structures

Where the owner allows alternate proposals for cost savings, we can produce designs and drawings in addition to cost estimates for approval. When field conditions necessitate adjustments to designs or structure plans, we can develop a solution that minimizes cost and delay.

Construction Engineering Services

  • Value Engineering Proposals
  • Bridge Overhang Falsework Supports
  • Substructure Formwork
  • Girder Erection Plans and Shoring Towers
  • Construction Load Analysis
  • Temporary Structures
  • Temporary Shoring